Tuesday Night Dinner

Since Lenny and I still don’t have a fridge, we have been forced to go out on the town for dinner every day. Now, I know it must sound fun to be able to eat out all the time, but when it’s twice a day, everyday, let me tell you, it gets old!!!

Yesterday for example we were utterly disappointed after eating at an italian restaurant a few blocks from the apartment. For all the hoopla and the amount of people always there you would think it would be amazing…well it was not! And not only was it not very good, it was pricy too!

Tonight we redeemed ourselves by finally going to this restaurant I had been dying to try: Flor de Lis.

Lenny hadn’t seemed to excited about going here everytime I mentioned it, but tonight he gave in…and he was happy he did too! He had chicken taquitos with guacamole on the side and an horchata to drink.

I finally got to try a drink I had been wanting to for a long time: Tepache!!!!! It was yuuuuummmyyy! According to my sources, it is a Mexican drink made by slightly fermenting pineapple leftovers (rinds, etc) in water with brown sugar and cinnamon. It kind of reminded me of the Puertorican drink, Mavi but even more so of the Guatemalan drink, freso de Suchiles (my dad’s favorite and my grandma’s signature drink…she sells it from her house in Guatemala). I think it’s the pineapple.

I had some delicious tamales for dinner.

We decided to finish the meal with some hot chocolate and a flan (sorry, no pictures! =) We ended up spending $237 pesos which comes out to be about $18 bucks with the current exchange rate. Not bad for two main courses, two drinks each, and a dessert!


All By Myself

That’s right…i’m all by myself today!! Lenny had to go out of town for a day and left super early this morning =( He’ll be back tomorrow evening…yayyyy!!!!

First off, hi again!! I’ve been slacking a bit on the blog this past week due to just being busy doing stuff, an annoying computer that turns off randomly when i’m right in the middle of something, and laziness..hahaha!

Anyway, so since I was on my own today I bummed around the house for awhile and waited for the landlord and this other guy to come and fix some stuff in the apartment…well. about 45 minutes after they were supposed to show up, the landlord calls me, or should i say intercoms me (that’s right, we have an intercom phone!! And it has the most annoying ring…) and says the guy can’t come today. Second day in row! Yup, he was supposed to come yesterday. Anywho, they are coming tomorrow morning…third time’s the charm, right?

So, after that i took a little long nap and then decided to go out and get some dinner. I kind of felt like having something American so I walked to my local Subway and ordered myself my favorite…Italian BMT!! I tell you, those taste the same anywhere! I then walked to my local juice stand and ordered a mandarin juice….it was deeeeeeee-licious!!! And it’s only 14 pesos too, which is about a buck…a little less i think!

We live really close to a park so I decided to have my dinner there and enjoy the scenery. All in all a good day =) When I was at the park I realized I should’ve taken my camera but no worries, I’ll post pics of it soon!

In the meanwhile, here are some pics of our newly painted room…this was my first time painting a room so please forgive all the imperfections =)

Snapshots: A few of the restaurants in our neighborhood…

The first place we ate in our new neighborhood was a snazzy litte cafe right down the street from our apartment…Lenny had this sandwich and I had the quiche…delicious!

Last night we had dinner at an Argentinian/Uruguayan restaurant and it was amazing! We were surpised at how cheap it was here in comparison to a place like this back home =) Lenny had brocheta and I had churrasco with German potatoes.

Moving In…

Hi everyone! It’s been a couple days since my last blog and that’s due to the fact that we have been busy moving in! We signed the contract and got our keys on Friday and by Saturday we had checked out of the hotel and moved in.  Even though we don’t really have anything except our clothes, we have been having fun and enjoying the new experiences.  There is already electricity and water in the apartment so that is a blessing…we don’t have to worry about getting all of that connected!

We have had a very busy weekend. On Saturday we went on the hunt for a bed, found one, and are now waiting anxiously for its arrival: Wednesday! For now we have a makeshift bed in our bedroom….I have to admit that sleeping on a wooden floor is not the most comfortable thing, but hey, at least we have a roof over our heads! Still, I am ready for Wendesday to get here!

Two trips to Wal-Mart and a couple mercados helped to round out the weekend. We have been busy cleaning the apartment and I hope to start painting our room by today. We still don’t have a fridge and are trying to decide if we want to buy one here or wait for the one from home, which wouldn’t get here until mid-December or so, along with the rest of our furniture and things. Anyway, pray for us as we make some decisions this week!

And what you all have been waiting for….pictures of the apartment!

View from the front door…living room and dining room…

Guest bathroom

Office/Spare bedroom

Bedroom #2

Our room and our makeshift bed! haha

I Can’t Knit in Spanish!

So, today I decided to go to the local craft store for some free knitting and crocheting lessons. I have to admit that I was a bit hesistant. I mean, I speak Spanish but learning a new skill in a different language? I was nervous! Turns out, I had reason to be!!! Apparently the class has been going on for about two weeks with the same 17- 20 ladies in attendance. As i sat at the table awkwardly, all the women around me began to pull out  the beautiful jackets, sweaters, and blankets that they have been working on. Ummmm…yeah, im halfway through my first scarf…cough cough…throw in the fact that Ive been teaching myself all the different stitches and their names in English and I have no idea what they are in Spanish (confusing I tell you) and you’ve got yourself a problem!

Anyway, the teacher was very nice but was just too busy with the other students to really be of help. So after sifting through a pile of catalogs that was put in front of me for about an hour, I made like a tree and got out of there (Back to the Future, anyone?)!

I’m proud of myself though. I at least gave it a try you know? And anyway, who needs lessons?! Self-taught, thank you very much! That, and Lenny’s bringing me a book from the States =)

Quick side note: I realized soon after I posted my knitting pictures that I had made some pretty serious mistakes. So, I threw it all out and started over. This is what I have so far…

Snapshots of the Week

One of my favorite places =)

One of the many taxies in the city.


Lenny and I bought this deliciousness from a street vendor on the way back from church on Sunday. It is super yummy! It tastes kind of like caramel corn, minus the corn. Have no idea what it’s made of though. Haha.


Mexican Jenga! We bought it one night while strolling through the town square (which at night is full of people selling all sorts of handmade goods). You can see some Mexican money in the picture as well. By the way, I beat Lenny in Jenga…woot woot!

Knitting…My New Hobby

So, seeing as how Lenny is out of town this week and my options of things to do around here are pretty limited, I’ve decided to try and take up a new hobby. Knitting!!

Why knitting? It just sounded like a good choice! Seriously though, on Sunday Lenny and I were walking around the centro and wandered into this huge store where they sell anything you might need for sewing, knitting, and a whole bunch of other crafts. So, I decided I wanted give knitting a try. I bought some yarn and needles, looked up some YouTube videos, and have begun my first project: a scarf….i think…anywho, this is what I have so far.

After just two days of knitting, my hands are already sore…is this normal?? Does anybody know?? I hope I don’t get Carpal Tunnel! I was surprised at how simple knitting is. What it really is going to take is alot of practice!

As my first project advances I’ll be posting pictures. And if anyone has any suggestions please let me know!