Braided Fabric Flowers

I was going through some of my crafty supplies the other day and found a pretty little braided fabric flower a friend of mine had shared with me a couple of years ago. I had forgetten just how much I liked it so I thought I’d whip some up today!

These flowers are pretty, quick and easy! If you know how to braid, have some fabric and a hot glue gun handy, you’re all set!

What you’ll need:

  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun

First, tie a knot at the top of your fabric. Once knotted, go ahead and cut the fabric into three strips.

Next, braid that fabric! Braid all the way down to the end and use a bit of glue to secure the strips. Make sure to leave some fabric at the end. You’ll need this to glue to the back of the flower to finish it off.


Wrap the braid around the knot at the top and continue wrapping around and around and around =) Once you that’s done, take your hot glue gun and secure the end to the back.

TA-DA!!! You’re done!

Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

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Hello everyone!

Yesterday was a very exciting day in Mexico City…well, for me and Lenny anyway. We spent pretty much all day getting the apartment neat and tidy for the arrival of my little sister Jaime from Cali. Of course, in true hispanic fashion we were running late and ended up getting to the airport a bit past her arrival time…teehee…we found her safe and sound, though! Whewww!

Unfortunately, due to all the excitement I got sick (again!) today and had to stay home while Lenny and the sis walked down to Starbucks.


So, in an attempt to cheer myself up I have decided to chronicle Jaime’s month in Mexico and all of the different things we hope to do with her during her stay. On to day one…

Day 1: Craft Day (fabric flowers and owls)

I came across an amazing tutorial for fabric flowers on (Thank you!) This tutorial is actually for a necklace but we decided to just make one flower and wear it as a pretty brooch.


I especially love my yellow one!

Jaime LOVES owls so we decided to make some keychain owls. The greatest thing about this craft? Absolutely NO sewing required! We just used my handy dandy hot glue gun. Check out NatSprat’s blog for her great tutorial on making these. Since we didn’t have the exact materials called for, we just used what we had on hand and made “mini” owls. Too cute!

All in all, we had a great craftilicious day!