Easy Peasy Guatemalan Tostadas

Sunday’s are always a bit hard on my tummy. It’s not that I’m going through anything stressful or upsetting, it’s just that by around 2:30 pm I am STARVING… that’s right, not just hungry, I am famished!

We are part of an amazing church here in Mexico city and our service usually lasts from about 11:30 ish until 3:45 pm. So, I try to prepare for this by eating a nice breakfast (bagel with loads of cream cheese and some cherries today). But by 12:30 I am super hungry!!! What is wrong with me?!?

Anywho, so on our way home Lenny and I brainstormed about what to make for dindin and by the time we pulled into our parking space we had come up with a delicious and quick meal of Guatemalan tostadas with 3 different toppings: black beans, tomato sauce, and our quick style version of shrimp ceviche (not an authentic ceviche since we cooked it but hey, it works).

Since we didn’t have any tostadas on hand, we just popped some corn tortillas in the oven for a few minutes. Easy and a lot better than frying them!

What I used:

  • Corn Tortillas or tostadas
  • Refried black beans
  • Tomato sauce
  • Shrimp
  • Lemon
  • Tomato
  • Onion
  • Parmesan cheese (t0 sprinkle on the tostadas)

What I did:

First, I popped the tortillas in the oven to get them nice and crunchy.

While those were warming up, we chopped up some onions and tomatoes.


We divided up the onions into two saucepans with some oil, sautéed them a bit then added the tomato sauce and beans and heated them through.

Next up was the shrimp. After cleaning and chopping them up we threw them in a saucepan and seasoned with some salt and red pepper flakes. I loooove shrimp because it cooks up so fast!

Once the shrimp was done we added the tomatoes, lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste.


Lenny plated it all up (isn’t it super nice?!) and we sat down to a deeeeee-licious dinner! =)



Tuesday Night Dinner

Since Lenny and I still don’t have a fridge, we have been forced to go out on the town for dinner every day. Now, I know it must sound fun to be able to eat out all the time, but when it’s twice a day, everyday, let me tell you, it gets old!!!

Yesterday for example we were utterly disappointed after eating at an italian restaurant a few blocks from the apartment. For all the hoopla and the amount of people always there you would think it would be amazing…well it was not! And not only was it not very good, it was pricy too!

Tonight we redeemed ourselves by finally going to this restaurant I had been dying to try: Flor de Lis.

Lenny hadn’t seemed to excited about going here everytime I mentioned it, but tonight he gave in…and he was happy he did too! He had chicken taquitos with guacamole on the side and an horchata to drink.

I finally got to try a drink I had been wanting to for a long time: Tepache!!!!! It was yuuuuummmyyy! According to my sources, it is a Mexican drink made by slightly fermenting pineapple leftovers (rinds, etc) in water with brown sugar and cinnamon. It kind of reminded me of the Puertorican drink, Mavi but even more so of the Guatemalan drink, freso de Suchiles (my dad’s favorite and my grandma’s signature drink…she sells it from her house in Guatemala). I think it’s the pineapple.

I had some delicious tamales for dinner.

We decided to finish the meal with some hot chocolate and a flan (sorry, no pictures! =) We ended up spending $237 pesos which comes out to be about $18 bucks with the current exchange rate. Not bad for two main courses, two drinks each, and a dessert!

Things I’m Surprised To See in Mexico

Nowadays, most countries have many of the same stores and restaurants that we are used to in the States. Here’s my list of some of the more random places I’ve seen here…so far!

 McDonald’s Dessert Stand ~ They ONLY sell cones, sundaes,and Snickers McFlurries. That’s it.

 7-Eleven ~ ” Oh thank Heaven for 7-Eleven!” Does anyone remember that jingle??

Krispy Kreme ~ YES!

Marie Callendars ~ Super weird considering all the ones in California closed down!

Tutti Frutti ~ The best frozen yogurt place in SC…and Mexico!

Costco ~ Enough said!





Sweets in Mexico?? Sign me up!!

Ice cream is happiness condensed.  ~Jessi Lane Adams

 When some people think about Mexico, they might think that it doesn’t have half the luxuries the U.S does,  but let me tell you when it comes to sweets, its 1st class =)

After a delicious dinner of some Consome Azteca (basically a chicken soup), Lenny and I headed out to walk around for a bit and grab some dessert. That’s when I saw it:  a  McDonald’s ice cream stand. That’s right, this was not a full service Mcdonald’s, not at all. It was a little stand with just enough room for one employee and all they sold was ice cream! You have a choice of a Snickers McFlurry, a cone (single or double), and sundaes. Now, to those of you who know me personally, you know that I am an ice cream fanatic!! This was quite possibly the best discovery I’ve made so far in Mexico City! I decided on a single cone with swirl (chocolate and vanilla) because that’s how I roll, and paid the employee 5 pesos for my dessert. 5 pesos!!! That, ladies and gentlemen, equals out to about 43 cents in US money. 

Now, not only can you find an ice cream stand pretty much on every corner, and bakeries filled with cookies, cheescakes, and the like on every street, but fruit vendors are also readily available for a healthier snack.

I’ve quickly come to realize that Mexico is a country that loves its sweets. Although wages here in Mexico can be low for most, sweets is one of the few things that both the rich and the poor, and the old and the young have in common. A walk down the street can confirm this fact in no time! You might see a group of highschoolers with their cups of frozen yogurt, a man in a business suit with his Mcdonald’s cone, or an elderly lady eating a pastry from a paper bag.

Unfortunately, this has not been a difficult area for me and Lenny to adapt to…hehehehe =) We quickly began having dessert after every meal! And after only 3 days here, we’ve realized that a change needs to be made. Lenny says he’s starting tomorrow. I think I might as well finish off this week and start fresh next week =)