Our Trip to Coyoacan

In honor of Jaime’s first weekend in Mexico City, we decided to head over to the town of Coyoacan last Saturday, a super cute little town where the Frida Kahlo Museum can be found. Seeing how Jaime is a big time Kahlo fan we thought it would be a good way to kick off her month in Mexico. That turned out to be a no go. Sad, sad day.

Darn you, establishments that only take cash!!!

Sigh…You think we would know to check these kinds of things…oh well…we’ll get them next time!

So, even though we were fuming this was a bit of a setback in our original plans, we still had a great time exploring the mercado and cutsy artisan fair, eating, and walking around the beautiful plazas =)

The mercado of Coyoacan.


Delicious, fresh off the press tortillas. I love how you can buy any kind of grain and as much or as little as you want at the local markets.


Huitlacoche quesadilla. Huitlacoche is a plant fungus that is used as a filling in quesadillas here in Mexico. This was at the top of the list on Jaime’s taste list…let’s just say this was something best left un-tasted =)

Cilantro, onion, and egg served on a blue corn tortilla with beans…yummo!

Little sis getting a braid in her hair.


We will be back, Coyoacan!