Our Trip to Coyoacan

In honor of Jaime’s first weekend in Mexico City, we decided to head over to the town of Coyoacan last Saturday, a super cute little town where the Frida Kahlo Museum can be found. Seeing how Jaime is a big time Kahlo fan we thought it would be a good way to kick off her month in Mexico. That turned out to be a no go. Sad, sad day.

Darn you, establishments that only take cash!!!

Sigh…You think we would know to check these kinds of things…oh well…we’ll get them next time!

So, even though we were fuming this was a bit of a setback in our original plans, we still had a great time exploring the mercado and cutsy artisan fair, eating, and walking around the beautiful plazas =)

The mercado of Coyoacan.


Delicious, fresh off the press tortillas. I love how you can buy any kind of grain and as much or as little as you want at the local markets.


Huitlacoche quesadilla. Huitlacoche is a plant fungus that is used as a filling in quesadillas here in Mexico. This was at the top of the list on Jaime’s taste list…let’s just say this was something best left un-tasted =)

Cilantro, onion, and egg served on a blue corn tortilla with beans…yummo!

Little sis getting a braid in her hair.


We will be back, Coyoacan!


Tuesday Night Dinner

Since Lenny and I still don’t have a fridge, we have been forced to go out on the town for dinner every day. Now, I know it must sound fun to be able to eat out all the time, but when it’s twice a day, everyday, let me tell you, it gets old!!!

Yesterday for example we were utterly disappointed after eating at an italian restaurant a few blocks from the apartment. For all the hoopla and the amount of people always there you would think it would be amazing…well it was not! And not only was it not very good, it was pricy too!

Tonight we redeemed ourselves by finally going to this restaurant I had been dying to try: Flor de Lis.

Lenny hadn’t seemed to excited about going here everytime I mentioned it, but tonight he gave in…and he was happy he did too! He had chicken taquitos with guacamole on the side and an horchata to drink.

I finally got to try a drink I had been wanting to for a long time: Tepache!!!!! It was yuuuuummmyyy! According to my sources, it is a Mexican drink made by slightly fermenting pineapple leftovers (rinds, etc) in water with brown sugar and cinnamon. It kind of reminded me of the Puertorican drink, Mavi but even more so of the Guatemalan drink, freso de Suchiles (my dad’s favorite and my grandma’s signature drink…she sells it from her house in Guatemala). I think it’s the pineapple.

I had some delicious tamales for dinner.

We decided to finish the meal with some hot chocolate and a flan (sorry, no pictures! =) We ended up spending $237 pesos which comes out to be about $18 bucks with the current exchange rate. Not bad for two main courses, two drinks each, and a dessert!

Snapshots of the Week

One of my favorite places =)

One of the many taxies in the city.


Lenny and I bought this deliciousness from a street vendor on the way back from church on Sunday. It is super yummy! It tastes kind of like caramel corn, minus the corn. Have no idea what it’s made of though. Haha.


Mexican Jenga! We bought it one night while strolling through the town square (which at night is full of people selling all sorts of handmade goods). You can see some Mexican money in the picture as well. By the way, I beat Lenny in Jenga…woot woot!

Knitting…My New Hobby

So, seeing as how Lenny is out of town this week and my options of things to do around here are pretty limited, I’ve decided to try and take up a new hobby. Knitting!!

Why knitting? It just sounded like a good choice! Seriously though, on Sunday Lenny and I were walking around the centro and wandered into this huge store where they sell anything you might need for sewing, knitting, and a whole bunch of other crafts. So, I decided I wanted give knitting a try. I bought some yarn and needles, looked up some YouTube videos, and have begun my first project: a scarf….i think…anywho, this is what I have so far.

After just two days of knitting, my hands are already sore…is this normal?? Does anybody know?? I hope I don’t get Carpal Tunnel! I was surprised at how simple knitting is. What it really is going to take is alot of practice!

As my first project advances I’ll be posting pictures. And if anyone has any suggestions please let me know!

Four Months Ago Today…I got Married!

On June 4th, 2011 at 4:30 pm, I married my best friend.

Yup, I know that sounds so cliche, but it’s true! After being best friends for 8 years, God decided the time was right and turned our friendship into something more. I am so very grateful for the wonderful husband God has given me. These four months have truly been a blessing, filled with so many new adventures and experiences.

A quick look back at the last four months…

I was sick for the entire first month following our wedding! I loved Lenny even more after that trying time. He took care of me, got me medicine, and comforted me when I thought I would never get better.

We learned we were moving to Mexico sooner than expected and began the preparations for the move. I never even unpacked most of my things at my new home which was a blessing in disguise because it made the packing for here (mexico) so much easier.

We had our first Yard Sale together! Lenny will confess that he was not at all on board, but when my sis and I decided we were still going to go through with it he jumped right in. And he was NOT sorry! We made a pretty penny =)

In the beginning of September we made our first trip to California as husband and wife. It was great being in my home state with my amazing hubby!

It has been a great four months…

Happy Anniversary, Lenny! I love you =)

We’ll Take It!!!! Apartment Hunting in Mexico City

Good news!! We have finally found an apartment in Mexico! After two weeks of looking and failed attempts, our real estate agent showed us and apartment that we really loved in the area we wanted, at an amazing price! We are so thankful to the Lord for providing this apartment for us.

The process isn’t over yet though! There is still the issue of having a background check done and getting all the paper work in order. We have learned a great deal about what it takes to rent an apartment here. While driving from place to place, I found myself remembering when my sis and I were apartment hunting last year….in Greenville. Let me tell you, apartment hunting in the States is a BREEZE compared to here! All you basically need in the States are some paycheck stubs, a credit check, a deposit, and you’re ready to go. Not so here, my friends. First, you need to make an appointment to see the apartment. This is what we had to do before we found our real estate lady. And let me tell you, it is not as easy as it sounds! As a foreigner, once you have found an apartment you need someone here in Mexico (a friend, family member, etc) to be your co-signer. This means they need to provide a form of identification, proof of residency (in our case, my husband’s friend had to provide a water and electricity bill) and they need to own property in Mexico that has been completely paid off. Whew!!!

With all of this though, we can say that we have had a great experience! Sure, it was difficult at times but we were able to laugh and have fun during the whole situation! Slowly but surely, we are getting used to life here and hope to get more and more comfortable as time goes by.  And now we can say that our apartment hunting is over…at least for now! Lord willing, we will be signing the contract on Friday and be moving in by Saturday….can’t wait!