Hello everyone!

Yesterday was a very exciting day in Mexico City…well, for me and Lenny anyway. We spent pretty much all day getting the apartment neat and tidy for the arrival of my little sister Jaime from Cali. Of course, in true hispanic fashion we were running late and ended up getting to the airport a bit past her arrival time…teehee…we found her safe and sound, though! Whewww!

Unfortunately, due to all the excitement I got sick (again!) today and had to stay home while Lenny and the sis walked down to Starbucks.


So, in an attempt to cheer myself up I have decided to chronicle Jaime’s month in Mexico and all of the different things we hope to do with her during her stay. On to day one…

Day 1: Craft Day (fabric flowers and owls)

I came across an amazing tutorial for fabric flowers on littemissmomma.com. (Thank you!) This tutorial is actually for a necklace but we decided to just make one flower and wear it as a pretty brooch.


I especially love my yellow one!

Jaime LOVES owls so we decided to make some keychain owls. The greatest thing about this craft? Absolutely NO sewing required! We just used my handy dandy hot glue gun. Check out NatSprat’s blog for her great tutorial on making these. Since we didn’t have the exact materials called for, we just used what we had on hand and made “mini” owls. Too cute!

All in all, we had a great craftilicious day!



Ok, so I know I’m a little late in posting this but it has been a semi-busy week!

As many of you know, there was a 6.5 earthquake here in Mexico City last Saturday, December 10th at approximately 7:47 p.m. Lenny and I were sitting on our bed eating dinner and watching an episode of one of our favorite t.v shows when suddenly Lenny says, “Do you feel that??” I could feel the bed moving but thought it was him just joking around….turns out it wasn’t!!! We stood up faster than you can imagine, left our half eaten pizza on the bed, frantically looked for the keys, and booked it out of there! And Lenny had no shoes on….=( 

As we were running down the stairs, the lights suddenly went out and we were  plunged into complete darkness. In all the craziness I lost Lenny for a couple of seconds in the stairwell but were able to find each other quickly and made it outside safely! All the lights on our whole block was out and everyone, and I mean everyone, from all the restaurants and apartments, were just milling around outside. We decided to walk around for a while and finally ended up at the little mall near our apartment and treated ourselves to some icecream…=) After about two hours we returned to our apartment. There was no electricity yet so we turned on some candles and settled in for the night!

I have to say here that I absolutely hate earthquakes!!! But I am thankful that the Lord kept us safe through it and that Lenny was home. Living in Mexico these past few months has been a challenge for us at times but we are thankful for all the support we receive from our friends and family and for God’s protection, patience, and presence.

Tuesday Night Dinner

Since Lenny and I still don’t have a fridge, we have been forced to go out on the town for dinner every day. Now, I know it must sound fun to be able to eat out all the time, but when it’s twice a day, everyday, let me tell you, it gets old!!!

Yesterday for example we were utterly disappointed after eating at an italian restaurant a few blocks from the apartment. For all the hoopla and the amount of people always there you would think it would be amazing…well it was not! And not only was it not very good, it was pricy too!

Tonight we redeemed ourselves by finally going to this restaurant I had been dying to try: Flor de Lis.

Lenny hadn’t seemed to excited about going here everytime I mentioned it, but tonight he gave in…and he was happy he did too! He had chicken taquitos with guacamole on the side and an horchata to drink.

I finally got to try a drink I had been wanting to for a long time: Tepache!!!!! It was yuuuuummmyyy! According to my sources, it is a Mexican drink made by slightly fermenting pineapple leftovers (rinds, etc) in water with brown sugar and cinnamon. It kind of reminded me of the Puertorican drink, Mavi but even more so of the Guatemalan drink, freso de Suchiles (my dad’s favorite and my grandma’s signature drink…she sells it from her house in Guatemala). I think it’s the pineapple.

I had some delicious tamales for dinner.

We decided to finish the meal with some hot chocolate and a flan (sorry, no pictures! =) We ended up spending $237 pesos which comes out to be about $18 bucks with the current exchange rate. Not bad for two main courses, two drinks each, and a dessert!

I Can’t Knit in Spanish!

So, today I decided to go to the local craft store for some free knitting and crocheting lessons. I have to admit that I was a bit hesistant. I mean, I speak Spanish but learning a new skill in a different language? I was nervous! Turns out, I had reason to be!!! Apparently the class has been going on for about two weeks with the same 17- 20 ladies in attendance. As i sat at the table awkwardly, all the women around me began to pull out  the beautiful jackets, sweaters, and blankets that they have been working on. Ummmm…yeah, im halfway through my first scarf…cough cough…throw in the fact that Ive been teaching myself all the different stitches and their names in English and I have no idea what they are in Spanish (confusing I tell you) and you’ve got yourself a problem!

Anyway, the teacher was very nice but was just too busy with the other students to really be of help. So after sifting through a pile of catalogs that was put in front of me for about an hour, I made like a tree and got out of there (Back to the Future, anyone?)!

I’m proud of myself though. I at least gave it a try you know? And anyway, who needs lessons?! Self-taught, thank you very much! That, and Lenny’s bringing me a book from the States =)

Quick side note: I realized soon after I posted my knitting pictures that I had made some pretty serious mistakes. So, I threw it all out and started over. This is what I have so far…

Snapshots of the Week

One of my favorite places =)

One of the many taxies in the city.


Lenny and I bought this deliciousness from a street vendor on the way back from church on Sunday. It is super yummy! It tastes kind of like caramel corn, minus the corn. Have no idea what it’s made of though. Haha.


Mexican Jenga! We bought it one night while strolling through the town square (which at night is full of people selling all sorts of handmade goods). You can see some Mexican money in the picture as well. By the way, I beat Lenny in Jenga…woot woot!

We’ll Take It!!!! Apartment Hunting in Mexico City

Good news!! We have finally found an apartment in Mexico! After two weeks of looking and failed attempts, our real estate agent showed us and apartment that we really loved in the area we wanted, at an amazing price! We are so thankful to the Lord for providing this apartment for us.

The process isn’t over yet though! There is still the issue of having a background check done and getting all the paper work in order. We have learned a great deal about what it takes to rent an apartment here. While driving from place to place, I found myself remembering when my sis and I were apartment hunting last year….in Greenville. Let me tell you, apartment hunting in the States is a BREEZE compared to here! All you basically need in the States are some paycheck stubs, a credit check, a deposit, and you’re ready to go. Not so here, my friends. First, you need to make an appointment to see the apartment. This is what we had to do before we found our real estate lady. And let me tell you, it is not as easy as it sounds! As a foreigner, once you have found an apartment you need someone here in Mexico (a friend, family member, etc) to be your co-signer. This means they need to provide a form of identification, proof of residency (in our case, my husband’s friend had to provide a water and electricity bill) and they need to own property in Mexico that has been completely paid off. Whew!!!

With all of this though, we can say that we have had a great experience! Sure, it was difficult at times but we were able to laugh and have fun during the whole situation! Slowly but surely, we are getting used to life here and hope to get more and more comfortable as time goes by.  And now we can say that our apartment hunting is over…at least for now! Lord willing, we will be signing the contract on Friday and be moving in by Saturday….can’t wait!